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seekerrarepair's Journal

The Legend of the Seeker Rare Pair Fest
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Seeker Rare Pair Fest
The Fest
Seeker Rare Pair is a community that aims to satisfy your craving for some of the rarer ships in the Legend of the Seeker fandom. We accept fanficiton, graphics, fanart, fanmixes, picsapms, etc. Just so long as they show some rare pair love.

The fest works like your basic “gift exchange” and is modeled after spnrarepair. You sign up and tell us what you’d like to receive and what you can make. Then we pair you off, and while you’re off making a gift for someone else, someone is making a gift for you! Then everybody posts their creations, and we spend ages going through it all and having fits of glee when we realize that someone finally wrote that Leo/Darken Rahl fic we’ve been craving.

Sound like fun? Well then, head on over to our Round One Sign Ups!

lots_femslash, peoplespalace
Important Links
Rules and Information
Sign Up
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Credits Etc.
Your mods are: Tracy, Jillian, and Samantha. And you can contact them via PM or the Page-A-mod post at any time!
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